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What is EldiBux?

EldiBux is the LEGIT paid to click site working since 13th Oct, 2015. The site operated by the “CROMEDIA GROUP” who also operates the another some Legit PTC Sites EldiCoin, EldiClaim and owing some old Promising sites CroCilx, EkoClix and also having a New PTC Site RetroBux. So, you can 100% trust EldiBux. Now we can go to the EldiBux Review.

It is a free to join site. In EldiBux you can make money by watching advertisements and completing offers and tasks, Flip the Coin and etc. As on 10th July, 2019 EldiBux has the registered member of 100,177 and the site has paid over $141,667 to these members.

eldibux review

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EldiBux is LEGIT Site. It is launched on 2015. It has completed the 4 years of working successfully. The site doesn’t have any issues with rented referrals performance or payment delay. The forum is active and payment proofs are daily posted.

The EldiBux account review for the Standard Membership (Free Membership).


Referral Limit Referral Commission
Max. Direct Ref. 50 Direct Ref. $0.001
Max. Rented Ref. 50 Rented Ref. $0.01
Website Stats Payment Processors
Total Members 100,177 Payeer, PM BTC, BCH
Total Paid $141,667 Dash, Doge LTC, ETH

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How To Make Money on EldiBux?

In EldiBux there is more than 5 ways to make money. “Head Tail” is available but “Crack the Vault” is not available on EldiBux. We are not considering Head Tail and Crack the Vault as the earning ways. Because it depends on your luck.

1.View ads, 2.ClixGrid, 3.Offerswall, 4.PaidToSignup, 5.Bonus Game


EldiBux is a paid to click site. So, it is easy to earn money by watching advertisement for the several seconds. The earnings per each click is based on the advertisement watching time. It is called as the click value. In EldiBux the click value for 10 sec ads are $0.001. That means if you watch a 10 sec ad you will earn $0.001. These 10 sec ads are called as the ‘Bonus Ads’. There is more than 20 ads on Bonus Ads with value $0.001. And also Micro and Nano ads are available at EldiBux these values are less than $0.001.


Clixgrid is a fun game. That have a chance to win upto $0.00002. So, Don’t work on EldiBux Clixgrid, If you work 1 year on EldiBux Clixgrid then you will earn something around $1. Most of the PTC Sites offers upto $5 Winning Prize. So, just neglect EldiBux Clixgrid.


Offer walls are simple offers that’s having small tasks created by an advertiser. The tasks are just like the watching websites, small surveys, downloading and installing apps to android mobile or watching videos or playing games and etc.. EldiBux has the lot of offerwalls. So, you can easily earn some money from these offerwalls.

These offers are provided by Offers4all, PTC wall, Minutestaff, Myadswall, Offertoro, KiwiWall, SuperRewards and etc. It is easy to make money by completing these tasks.


PTSU stands for Paid To SignUp. How to complete PTSU Offers?. On PTSU offers you are need to signup on the advertisers website under their referral link. After signup you will need to provide your username on the the Username field and click submit. After submitting your signup will be verified by the advertiser and after that you will receive the money on your account. Some PTSU offers also has some requirement such as click all ads for 7 days to qualify, on that time you will need to fulfill their requirements to complete the offer. Otherwise your Task will be rejected.

In EldiBux there is 20+ available PTSU offers with value from $0.1 to $0.5.


Bonus Game is just a lucky click. You don’t need to do anything. Just click Play Game on Bonus Game, an ad is opened after 5 to 10 seconds you will receive s their predefined prizes or not at some time.

How to play:

  1. You can play this game every 300 seconds.
  2. Each play will trigger a pop advertisement.
  3. Do not use any adblocker.
  4. Prizes are added to your account instant.


1. Now get ready for EldiBux strategy. Earning in all the PTC site is only depends upon the number of referrals. If you do not have referrals, then it is very hard to make money from it.

2. There are 3 Types of Referrals.

  •  Direct Referrals
  •  Purchased Referrals
  •  Rented Referrals

3. Direct referrals are your lifetime referrals who joined that site through your referral link.

4. Purchased referrals are also your lifetime referrals which you be able to purchase these referral from the EldiBux Referral market.

5. Rented referrals are those referrals for which you have to rent them with certain amount of money for a limited time. In EldiBux you have 5 RR at the value of $1.

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How do I earn money with EldiBux?

1. Income from your personal activities on the site (viewing ads, Clixgrid and etc)

2. Commissions from your RRs (Rented Referrals)

3. Commissions from your DRs (Direct Referrals)


EldiBux Strategy is work with its Rented referrals. You will earn $0.01 for each click made by your rented referral. So you have to rent maximum referrals as possible for your membership. For the standard membership you have limit of 50 Rented referrals.

At First you have to make $1 on EldiBux to rent your first 5 referrals. The minimum referral pack available on EldiBux is 5 RR for $1 and the maximum referral pack is 50 RR for $10. So, you have to rent your first 5 referrals by making money on EldiBux by viewing ads. Or you can just rent referrals by investing your own money.

Rent 50 referrals as soon as possible. You have to wait 7 days between renting referrals. Just remember to recycle the inactive referrals. For 50 referrals you have the average commission of $0.50 to $0.75 from your referrals daily.

NOTE: According to the TOS of EldiBux: “If you click at least 4 advertisements, you’ll receive all clicks made from your referrals.” If you do not click the 4 standard advertisements, you won’t earn money for your referrals for that day.


1. After renting 50 referrals try to upgrade your membership to BUSINESSMAN. By upgrading your membership you have the maximum limit of 8000 Rented referrals instead of only 50 RR. So again start your renting process until you reach your 8000 referrals.

2. By BUSINESSMAN Membership you have the same commission ratio for your referrals. Each referral click make you $0.01. For 8000 Rented Referrals, that’s make your money making process easier. On the way also try to get some direct referrals. Because you can easily make sufficient money when you have the no. of active direct referrals. The BUSINESSMAN Membership has $0.01 direct referral commission. So, you can easily earn much money form D.R’s.

3. When you reach out 8000 rented referrals on EldiBux then you will earn avg. $70 to $100 daily. As long as you are active, active means just click 4 ads daily to you earn commission from your rented referrals. You can also make money by your direct referrals. But it is depend upon the how many no. of direct referrals you have? and how many of them active now?

At last Finally you make your Lifetime income on EldiBux.

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