Ayuwage Review – Ayuwage Guide and Strategy


What is Ayuwage?

Ayuwage is the LEGIT Get paid to click site working since dec,15,2009. It is a free to join site. In Ayuwage you can make money by watching advertisements and completing surveys. So, you can 100% trust Ayuwage. Now we can go to the Ayuwage Review.

ayuwage review

AyuWage Review

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Ayuwage is LEGIT. It is launched on dec, 2009. It has completed the 9 years of running successfully. The site doesn’t have any issues with payment delay but have some issues with rented referrals performance or. The forum is active and payment proofs are daily posted.

The Ayuwage account review for the Standard Membership (Free Membership).


Referral Limit Referral Commission
Max. Direct Ref. Unlimited Direct Ref. 10%
Max. Rented Ref. Unlimited Rented Ref. 10%
Website Stats Payment Processors
Total Members Not Available Paypal Paypal
Total Paid Not Available Paypal Paypal

AyuWage Review

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How To Make Money on Ayuwage?

In Ayuwage there is more than 3 ways to make money. We are not considering Head Tail and Crack the Vault as the earning ways. Because it depends on your luck.

1.View ads, 2.Survey, 3.Search and Click


Ayuwage is a paid to click site. So, it is easy to earn money by watching advertisement for the several minutes. The earnings per each click is based on the advertisement watching time. It is called as the click value. In the Ayuwage click value for 10 sec ads are $0.001 and for 30 sec ads are $0.005. That means if you watch a 10 sec ad you earn $0.001 and if you watch a 30 sec ad you earn $0.005. And also Micro and Nano ads are available at Ayuwage these value is less than $0.001.


Survey is the easiest way to make money by completing the simple tasks such as a your review or opinion about the product or website. Survey means not only the reviews it also has the small tasks to do such as downloading and installing apps to your android or iphone or watch videos and comment about it.


Ayuwage has the search and earn money making opportunity. You just have to do search with the given keyword on google and click the given site which is displayed on the google search results and watch it for 10 to 15 seconds. The search keyword and which the site to be viewed is given in the ad description. It is a just like the viewing advertisements. So, it is easy to earn money by search and watching advertisement. A


1. Now get ready for Ayuwage strategy. Earning in all the Ayuwage is only depends both direct and rented referrals. If you do not have direct referrals,(only rented) then it is very hard to make money from it.

2. There are 2 Types of Referrals.

  •  Direct Referrals
  •  Rented Referrals

3. Direct referrals are your lifetime referrals who joined that site through your referral link.

4. Rented referrals are those referrals for which you have to rent them with certain amount of money for a limited time. In Ayuwage you can 1 RR for 100 credits.

AyuWage Review

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How do I earn money with Ayuwage?

1. Income from your personal activities on the site (viewing ads, offers and etc)

2. Commissions from your RRs (Rented Referrals)

3. Commissions from your DRs (Direct Referrals)


Ayuwage Strategy is work with its Direct referrals. You will earn 10% of commission for each click made by your direct and rented referral. So you have to get maximum referrals as much as possible. Ayuwage has the unlimited direct referrals system.


In Ayuwage you also has the feature of renting unlimited referrals for an amount of 100 credits for each referral for the period of 1 week. So, you have to rent your referrals by credits on ayuwage by viewing ads. Or you can just rent referrals by investing your own money. But renting referrals on ayuwage is not profitable for you. Because ayuwage has the low user activities with compared to other PTC sites.


The ayuwage strategy to make money is very simple. Just get dozens of referrals to your account. Then you can easily earn more profit from ayuwage because it has 10% commission from your referral activities. And my suggestion is don’t goes the renting referrals. It doesn’t make you profit. Get as much as direct referrals.

At last Finally you make your Lifetime income on Ayuwage.

AyuWage Review

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